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Maine Naturopathic Doctors

Maine Naturopathic Doctors

AANP Position Paper on Childhood Vaccinations

WHEREAS the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP) is a strong proponent of preventive medicine and of the protection of children and adults from the serious consequences of infectious disease;

WHEREAS naturopathic doctors, as primary care providers, are morally obliged and legally mandated to uphold and carry out the public health laws and should be authorized to administer vaccinations in all jurisdictions where naturopathic licensure is available;

WHEREAS all doctors are ethically obliged to give parents accurate and current information on both the benefits and risks of childhood vaccinations, i.e., parental “informed consent,” such as required by the public health clinics of the United States Public Health Service; and,

WHEREAS it is well documented that some of the current childhood vaccinations have been associated with significant morbidity and are of variable efficacy and necessity.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that it is the position of the AANP that: Safer, more effective vaccinations should be developed, and more research should be conducted on possible short-term and long-term adverse effects of vaccines currently in use. All doctors should be attentive to the proper use of vaccines, avoid their administration to individuals with conditions that contraindicate their use, and accurately chart the vaccination, including parental refusal for any vaccines and any adverse effects.


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